• These terms and conditions are enforced and in effect beginning on the 6th of June 2020 any edits will be announced directly from SonicTask.
  • The services of this website will be available only to those at the age of 18 and over. By agreeing to the terms and conditions agreement, you have verified that you are at least 18 years of age. The company reserves the right to terminate any account with fraudulent personal information.
  • The services and opportunities on this website will be available only once the terms and conditions agreement has been agreed upon. By agreeing to this agreement, the user will accept the company’s intervention in any matter it deems necessary.


  • “Tasker” – A user that offers the services for a Job on the SonicTask website
  • “Job” – An agreement between the Tasker and the Employer for the completion of some form of work
  • “Work”- The agreed upon product between the Tasker and the Employer
  • “User”- Any person who holds a SonicTask account
  • “Proposal”- The offer from the employer to the Tasker including the details of the desired work
  • “Price Quote”- The price the Tasker sets for the Employer in the Job
  • “Revenue”- The money the Tasker gained from the job.

General (Tasker)

  • SonicTask reserves the right to terminate the account of any Taskers it sees as but not limited to inactive, fraudulent or unqualified.
  • Any fraudulent activity done via SonicTask will result in appropriate legal action against the party possibly including both the Tasker and employer.
  • The Tasker must complete the required steps (may be subjected to change and edits at any time, to which the Tasker must update accordingly) in order to use the opportunities on SonicTask to accept jobs.
  • The Tasker guarantees that the information provided is of 100% accuracy and up-to-date. Failure to provide accurate job and personal information may result in legal action.
  • SonicTask reserves the right to terminate the account of any Tasker which seeks to contact or deal with any work-related issues with the customer outside of the provided interface.
  • Taskers are allowed to only communicate with their customers via the provided interface on the website. This is to protect the proactive community and opportunities exclusive to SonicTask.
  • SonicTask reserves the right to terminate any account which pursues activities that are against the law or deemed to be immoral.

General (Employer)

  • Employers are only allowed to provide information regarding the job order through the interface provided by SonicTask.
  • Employers will not attempt to pressure or persuade Taskers into pursuing any illegal activities through the order.
  • Once the job has been completed and the work delivered to the employer, the intellectual rights and ownership of the product solely belongs to the employer. Unless issues about the quality of the work arises or due to a potential violation of the Terms and Conditions, SonicTask will not intervene in any matter regarding that job.

Job Proposals

  • All transactions and communications related to the job must be done on the site interface only.
  • When the employer decides to use the services of the Tasker, the proposal must be submitted, and accept the conditions regarding acceptable time frame, pricing, editing and ownership set forth in the price offered by the Tasker. All transactions must be completed before the job can commence.
  • Once a job has been received, the Tasker will only then be able to commence with the job.
  • Once a job has been completed and the work submitted to the employer for approval, the job would be considered completed and will await the employer for approval and any request for edits. Any order that has surpassed 48 hours after being submitted to the employer and has yet to receive an approval will be considered approved.
  • Any attempt at a cancellation will be evaluated and refunded based upon the rules set forth in the Finances section.

Job Completion

  • Once the Tasker has received a job proposal from the employer, the Tasker will communicate with the employer regarding the details of the job before submitting a final price quote.
  • Once an job proposal has been received, the Tasker will receive a notice email through the provided email address. Further details about the details of the job could be found on the user’s account in the website.
  • Only under urgent circumstances can the Tasker cancel the order, in which case, the employer will receive a full refund for the job.
  • The Tasker must submit the work via the Sonictask website within the time frame agreed upon in the Job proposal.  Any uncompleted work submitted or delay in submission will result in negative reviews, ratings and potential suspension of the Tasker account.
  • Taskers will receive payment of the job only when the job has been completed.

Ratings and Reviews

  • The ratings and review system on SonicTask is an important way which allows employers to gauge the expected quality of work of each Tasker, and should accurately represent the customer experience.
  • Under no normal circumstance will a review or rating be deleted, unless deemed to have malicious or unsavory intent (aimed at purposefully upgrading or downgrading a Tasker).
  • If the Tasker feels that a rating or review has been done with extreme prejudice or lack of professionalism, the Tasker may file a complaint to the site. SonicTask will subsequently conduct a separate internal review of the case.
  • Taskers are prohibited from any attempts to sway employers into giving a good rating or review.
  • The decision to give ratings or reviews is solely the right of the employer and cannot be influenced by the Tasker.
  • Employers can give reviews or ratings at any time after the request of an order, to ensure accurate representation of the Tasker.
  • Employers cannot give reviews or ratings prior to the request of an order ,to ensure impartiality and professionalism.


  • All payments made by the customer will be made to the central account number provided by Sonictask.
  • The company will charge a 10% commission fee from every job completed by the Tasker. The rest of the revenue will be duly dispensed to the Tasker within 72 hours of acknowledgement of completion by the Employer..
  • All jobs should not commence until the company’s central account receives the agreed upon payment.
  • Refunds would be available only if any portion of the agreement between the Employer and the Tasker has not been fulfilled or if SonicTask deems that the completed work is not of sufficient quality.
  • Cancellations on the part of the Employer will only result in a 75% refund if the Tasker has not commenced work on the Job and may result in no refund if the job has been started by the Tasker.

Company Responsibility

  • All financial transactions must be conducted via the interface and account number provided by the website. This is to ensure that the company could intervene if the employer fails to meet the price quote or the tasker did not fulfill the job details as outlined in the proposal.
  • While SonicTask hopes that the quality of work provided by the Taskers are of the highest quality, the company could not guarantee in any way that the work will meet or exceed the expectations of the employer.
  • Any transactions or agreements made outside the SonicTask platform are outside the responsibility of SonicTask.
  • SonicTask does not take any responsibility on the behalf of the Taskers as it is an action on the Tasker’s behalf. Taskers are to practice the highest standards of intellectual ethics, and violation may result in account termination and/or legal action.
  • The company does not take any responsibility in the delivery of the final product and any communication leading up to it.
  • The company encourages all employers to submit a review and a rating as these statistics are vital to the well-being of the SonicTask community.

Conflict Resolution

  • The company urges the Tasker and the employee to resolve any issues among themselves before submitting a request to the company to intervene.
  • The company does not take any responsibility for any damage arising from any conflict of interests.

Privacy and Data Usage

  • SonicTask values the privacy of a Tasker’s personal information and will not disclose it unless mandated by the law.
  • The company will not store any bank account or credit card numbers to prevent fraud and ensure users of the highest level of financial integrity.
  • The company reserves the rights to inspect personal information of any user to ensure that the details provided have met the requirements to open an account or that the credentials provided matched with other sources.
  • The account will become activated only if this privacy agreement has been accepted by the user.


  • The company reserves the right to use any photos and details of finished products, credentials and messages displayed on the Tasker page for advertising purposes.
  • The company will charge a Tasker an additional fee if they wish to be advertised on one of our social media pages.